Who We Are

Hedgcoxe Dental is not only a provider of reliable dental care services. We are also proponents of good oral hygiene. Based out of Plano, TX, we have a growing clientele of local residents across all ages. We offer a range of dental services aimed at addressing different needs.

You can consider us your one-stop destination for quality dental solutions. Your search for Dentist in Plano, TX stops here. Discuss your requirements and schedule your appointment by calling us at (972) 517-5100.

When it comes to oral health, the importance of engaging the services of a qualified dentist in Plano cannot be emphasized enough. Some of the things you must consider when choosing a dentist include:

  • Attitude: Does the dentist explain treatments and procedures in a simple, transparent and courteous way?
  • Payment and Insurance: Does the dentist offer different financing options? Will your dental insurance be accepted?
  • Professionalism: Does the office employ advanced technology and proven medical procedures to match your needs to the perfect medical solution?
  • Convenience and Availability: Is the dentist available on weekends? Is the office conveniently located and well-staffed to handle emergency cases?

Many Plano dentist reviews consider the above points in finding the right dentist. Hedgcoxe Dental ticks all the right boxes. In a nutshell, we deliver the care you rightly deserve.