In our experience, we have seen that adults can be just as nervous as children when they visit a dentist in Plano. Hedgcoxe Dental cares about your dental health, and goes the extra mile to address your requirements and deliver a comfortable experience. And it all starts with the first visit!

Book Your Appointment

If you are a new patient, you will need to fill our form after scheduling your appointment. Quite a few of our clients prefer to download new patient forms and fill them up prior to visiting us. You can also choose to take care of form-filling formalities after you’ve arrived at our office. The personal information and medical history you provide will be treated with utmost privacy and never released to third parties.

Receive a Warm Welcome

At our Plano office, a staff member will immediately welcome you and enquire after you. We don’t keep you waiting and make you feel at ease. We also engage your child with kind words and try to help him/her feel less nervous, restless or scared.

Make the Most of Our Free Advisory and Education

We value dental patient education and deliver it with the seriousness and integrity we believe all medical practices are obliged to impart. Dr. Mathew and her team are always at hand to educate you about dental hygiene, oral health conditions and dental procedures. We encourage you to ask questions to enable informed decision-making. We explain your options and guide you in an easy-to-understand, jargon-free language so we’re always on the same page.

Discuss Your Financial Concerns with Us

Hedgcoxe Dental can help you zero in on a payment plan that aligns perfectly with your budget. The discussions will be private and we will be reasonably considerate of your financial situation when settling on the payment plan.

We offer a number of dental payment plans and options. Whether or not you have dental insurance, our Plano dental service can reliably assist you. Contact us for more information on dental patient financing.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Hedgcoxe Dental is conveniently located near the intersection of Hedgcoxe Road and Custer Road in Plano.

Fill our online contact form or call us at (972) 517-5100 to book your appointment. You can also reach us through our Facebook or Twitter page.