We have performed a number of root canal treatments for adults across different ages at our Plano office. Dr. Mathew uses advanced equipment and leverages the strength of her well-trained staff to address your dental requirements in an effective and timely manner.

When Does Root Canal Treatment Become Necessary?

The root canal houses the pulp – the center of your tooth containing blood vessels and nerves. If the pulp gets infected, the entire root canal may become vulnerable to infection, and cause inflammation, pus and swelling. You will also experience root canal pain. In some cases, the tooth may darken and feel tender when you bite into food.

When the choice comes down to root canal vs extraction, you may want to consider the former if the affected tooth is restorable. Extraction is recommended only when the restorability of the tooth is doubtful. You can discuss your options with us; we will be happy to talk to you about root canal cost and our multiple payment plans.

What is Involved in Root Canal Treatment?

The treatment aims to rid the root canal of the infection. It is then cleaned and filled to guard against future infection. First, Dr. Mathew will gently access your root canal with appropriate surgical instruments and remove the nerves and connective tissues in the pulp. She will then place a rubbery material in the now hollow canal and seal the access with restorative material. The tooth may become a bit brittle after the procedure – Dr. Mathew will restore its strength and provide it support using a crown. She will also guide you on the dos and don’ts of root canal recovery so you heal faster and feel better in the quickest time. You may need to come for one or more subsequent check-ups, as instructed by Dr. Mathew.

The use of modern techniques ensures that the root-filled tooth looks natural and does not darken. In the rare event that there is a discoloration, you can consider a number of simple treatments to restore your tooth’s natural appearance.

In the expert hands of Dr. Mathew, you can expect a comfortable experience. Get rid of pain, save your smile and improve your oral health with a timely root canal treatment at Hedgcoxe Dental.

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