We, at Hedgcoxe Dental help restore your teeth’s shine, beauty and of course functionality. If your teeth are broken, weak and worn, misaligned or you’re missing one or more teeth, crowns and/or bridges can help you successfully sort out your dental problems. Our team of vastly experienced dental specialists offers high quality crowns and bridges fixing and replacement services so that you can continue to wear your beautiful smile with confidence!

Dental Crowns in Plano

While fillings are the answer to small defects in your teeth, dental crowns offer lasting solution to extensive damages to the teeth.

We can help restore your teeth and give you back your charming smile with highly esthetic porcelain or porcelain “pasted-on-gold” crowns.

Extremely versatiledental crowns are recommended by dentists worldwide for repairing severe teeth-related problems, permanent replacement of missing teeth, aligning protruding or crowding teeth, and treating dental discoloration.

Crowns Restore Functionality and Improve the Appearance of Damaged Teeth

A crown when used on top of a dental implant provides a tooth-like structure and shape for function. Crowns are also used to completely cover damaged teeth. This way they serve to strengthen the teeth and improve its shape, alignment or appearance.

When do you need a Crown?

The following situations may require dental crowns/caps:

  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Restoring fractured teeth
  • Protecting weak teeth from fracturing
  • Attaching a bridge
  • Covering dental implants
  • Covering discolored, poorly aligned or misshapen teeth

Bridges in Plano

At Hedgcoxe Dental, we bring all our experience and expertise into use to create dental bridges that meet their purpose, look great and last a really long time.

How do Dental Bridges Work?

Dental bridges are employed to treat cases of missing teeth, which leave gaps in the mouth causing the teeth that remain to rotate/shift into the vacant spaces and thus resulting in bad bite. Gum diseases and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders can also be caused by imbalances originating from missing teeth.

Bridges cover empty spaces created by missing teeth. They are cemented, either to surrounding implants or natural teeth, known as abutments. The abutments are covered by crowns, to which the replacement teeth, called pontics are attached.

Esthetic and Functional Crowns and Bridges in Plano

Crown and bridges cost less than dental implants, while providing effective services to preserve and enhance your oral hygiene. We can help you choose the right crowns and bridges for your specific condition based on factors such as function, location of your missing teeth and esthetic considerations, and treat your teeth back to perfect health.

Committed to your care, every member of Hedgcoxe Dental is driven by a desire to help resolve your dental problems – no matter how small or big. We fully understand that the value of teeth, is not merely functional – biting and chewing food – but also cosmetic, and through our exceptional orthodontic and cosmetic services ensure that your teeth are able to serve both these functions.

Contact us today to learn more about our crowns and bridges dental treatment in Plano.